luni, 21 martie 2016

Beginners Tips And Tricks

Travel extremely fast everywhere

Push the "D" keyboard to bring up the map, chose a race by hitting A or X. Once you're done, you need to find the "teleport" optiong in order to jump to the new location.

Learn The Map

Just in case you are being followed by Police, it is good to know where you can hide. This is why it is always a good idea to spend about 10 minutes learning what type of gaming styles are the best.

Hunt For Parts

Collect pick up parts as you see them, especially when you're low on cash and need to upgrade car for free. 

Collect The Parts

Once you are in the garage check your inbox by clicking any of the cars you own and you are going straight to Parts Inbox. You will see your collected parts and you will see which of them work with which cars.

Replay races for quick cash

Select some races you have already played and teleport there. For or five races can bring you enough extra cash.

Always Choose Nitrous

Whenever you are doing an upgrade, always look to buy some nitrous. There are two types of nitrous. One that fills overtime and one that fills if you're drifting.

Drift Or Grip

You need to decide what type of player you are.

Always Buy A Better Car

Whenever you can afford to do so, consider buying a better car since only so you can complete your missions in time.